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Our new album "Of the Decrepit and the Divine" is now available for purchase. It is currently live on all popular online stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc). It is also available through our CDBaby page. Physical CD's will be available in June. You can sample the album via our Music page here or via the below link:

Revolver1010's CDBaby page

You can also download the lyric and insert sheets for the new album using the below links:

Of the Decrepit and the Divine lyrics

Of the Decrepit and the Divine insert booklet

: 05/10/06 - "Revolver1010 - EP" is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, AmazonMP3, and other digital music services! EP is a collection of 8 songs varying from hard EBM to entrancing Gothic compositions which weaves a unique spell of musical alchemy through the merging of technological sound with the ghostly voice of antiquity. Revolver1010's music has been played in clubs, on radio stations, and in podcasts in many countries around the world. This is the first commercially available Revolver1010 release.

The album can also be downloaded on a track per track basis. If you're a fan of the band and it's music please show your support! Just do a search on your favorite digital music service for Revolver1010.

: Revolver1010 songs have now been played by DJ's in clubs in the following locations - New York (USA), New Jersey (USA), Connecticut (USA), Texas (USA), Washington (USA), Massachusetts (USA), Hawaii (USA), Philidelphia (USA), Bonn (Germany), Messkirch (Germany), Ravensburg (Germany), Wolfsburg (Germany), Munich (Germany), Strasbourg (France), Auckland (New Zealand), Toronto (Canada), Johannesburg (South Africa), as well as many other places that at this point have become simply too many to keep up with listing :-)